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Hi, we’re the Film Store

We’re passionate about what we do, our equipment is meticulously maintained and we have a wealth of experience that’s seen us facilitate shoots across the world. Come and visit us or find out more about the services we offer.






What We Offer

We stock a wide range of industry leading cameras and accessories and our team have worked as crew extensively across the creative industries.

Tailoring kit to any given situation, we’ll ensure you have the right cameras and lighting for the job and make sure everything gets to location on time.

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  • Arri Alexa Mini

    Arri Alexa Mini

  • Product photograph

    DJI Ronin ‘MX’ Handheld Stabilised Gimbal

  • Product photograph

    Arri Zeiss Super Speed MKII PL Prime Lens Set

  • Product photograph

    Canon CN20x50 IAS PL Mount 50-1000mm Zoom lens