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Affordable Cine: the Canon CNE 18-80mm


Product photograph

Our versatile, compact servo video lens is a great value choice for documentary film makers.  Compatible with large sensor cameras, it offers a highly functional yet affordable option to a number of applications from news gathering to branded content campaigns. Canon couldn't have developed a better product to cater to an increasingly budding market, filling the space in between news gatherers… Read More


Why we Love our Zeiss Superspeeds


Product photograph

Way back in the early days of the Film Store, Jason made sure there was a place on the shelves for this hard-to-come-by set of Superspeeds.  Renowned for their impressive speed and the beautiful aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus areas of the images (referred to as bokeh), it's a look that's travelled well from that spontaneous purchase in the U.S. back to our clients… Read More