The Light 1 Velvet 1×1 LED Light Panel

The most robust and advanced LED panel producing velvety soft light. Designed and certified to the IP54 rainproof standard, it is made to endure the tougher shooting conditions on any location or studio.

Manfrotto Spectra 500 LED Toplight

Product photograph

Manfrotto Spectra 500F is a lightweight and portable LED light, designed for the most demanding videographers and photographers. Despite being very compact, this LED device offers outstanding performance and it is very robust. Thanks to its slim and elegant design, Spectra 500F stands out from the crowd of existing standard LED panels. Light is emitted… Read more

Lite Panel MiniPlus D Spot 2

Product photograph

This Litepanels MiniPlus 5600K Daylight Flood – 1 Light Kit contains everything the gun-and-run videographer needs to get started. The MiniPlus fixture contains a 140 LED array configured for a 50 degree beam spread. The included snap-in 12V battery powers the light for up to 2 hours.