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The big picture

The big picture

The big picture

The big picture

About film store

Film Store aims to consistently provide the best cinematography equipment and service available to anyone, anywhere.

Born from ambition, we’ve grown into a full-service film and television rental house with global reach.

However, it’s our creative hubs in London and Bristol that keep us rooted in our communities, working with innovators and inspirators that push the boundaries.

We are versatile

Specialists in bespoke multi-camera solutions.

We collaborate and facilitate long-form documentaries, natural history shows, and commercial campaigns with some of the world’s most celebrated content providers.

Total coverage

Filmmaking is not just about great equipment.

Our services extend beyond the tools and include the people who make creativity happen. Crewing, consultation, engineering, training, and logistics — our partners are covered wherever they’re filming.

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Let us spoil you

We're proud of our partnerships.

The authentic passion for production and broadcast technology that we were founded on and our care for clients’ projects help us to develop and nurture long-term relationships.

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Maximum flexibility

To deliver innovative solutions, we invest in the latest technology, and keep our equipment running smoothly.

Our technicians thoroughly inspect, test, and clean all equipment for consistency after every hire. We then build and prepare your kit to ensure it arrives in perfect working order.

Our depth and breadth of knowledge allow us to provide a one-stop shop for our clients, with maximum flexibility for shoots.