Alexa Mini SUP 5 Update


Our Alexa Minis have also been updated to SUP 5, in line with the latest user improvement from ARRI.  These include extended support for EF lenses and across-the-board innovations of the new ARRI look library.  A quick overview of the changes below -full details can also be found online at ARRI.  This little video post shows the manufacturers demonstrating it in action.

  • Look files for HDR workflows
  • EXT Sync
  • ARRI Master Grips support
  • 1.3x anamorphic desqueeze in preview
  • Multicam features
  • Camera Access Protocol (CAP)
  • WCU-4 enhancements
  • ECS improvements
  • Improved timecode handling
  • Extended support for EF lenses
  • Advanced user setup handling
  • WiFi infrastructure mode
  • Monitoring and display improvements


Take a look at Film Store’s Alexa Minis.