Affordable Cine: the Canon CNE 18-80mm


Our versatile, compact servo video lens is a great value choice for documentary film makers.  Compatible with large sensor cameras, it offers a highly functional yet affordable option to a number of applications from news gathering to branded content campaigns.

Canon couldn’t have developed a better product to cater to an increasingly budding market, filling the space in between news gatherers and cinematic creatives with a tool that has the precision of a 4K-ready, auto focus cine-servo lens and a powerful zoom range capable of covering the most-used standard focal lengths.  Plus it’s a nice alternative to the huge shoulder-mounted camera with a cine-servo lens that you typically see in ENG shooting.  The lenses are particularly popular for factual shooting as the 18-80mm zoom range allows both tangible wide and tight singles to be achieved without the hassle of changing lenses.

Its popularity in everything from ENG to events is partly due to the complete image stability offered by Canon’s 3 built-in modes, ensuring total composure even when the camera is hand held and capturing a moving subject.  This means doc shooters no longer have to rely on image stabilisation developed with stills photographers in mind, but rather benefit from IS specifically designed for shooting video.

Favoured by many for retaining a beautiful, “cine-feel” and definitive visual qualities that appeal to film makers, yet positioned within an affordable price bracket, it appeals to an excitingly broad range of productions.  We’ve seen it used in adventure series, documentaries and factual entertainment. We’re sure of its practical use being no more limited than our clients’ imaginations, and we look forward to seeing more!

Product photograph

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