The Bachelor

A gallery we designed and build on location for The Bachelor UK, shot on location in South Africa. 9 FS7 cameras and 9 flawless HD wireless channels [with additional wireless drone feeds] over an expansive concrete, steel and glass structure. Mirrored monitoring for sound, switchable grade for lighting and four channel breakaway monitoring so the team could just pick up four monitors and head off to a different location and continue to work wirelessly. Seamless. A carefully thought out time saving solution to a problem most productions don’t even know they have.


Faster: Race the World

A shoot for Netflix/Sky co-production ‘Faster: Race the World’. We deployed 5x F-55s and 3x FS7s which were all wirelessly connected to a central multi-cam gallery. The areas covered wirelessly were up to 2 miles². We built these galleries in conditions ranging from -27º in The Arctic to 40º in the Arabian desert. The Director experienced no signal drop out. As far as we are aware this is the first time a system like this has been successfully deployed in such extreme conditions without the use of an OB truck.

The wireless gallery packed down to seven flight cases less than 28KG, meaning it could fly with any airline. We have both great in-house assistants and great links with freelancers – having a presence on location in this way means we can offer the most comprehensive level of technical support for the production teams we work with. Not only that, but our clients benefit from a single invoice for kit, logistics and crew.


Bear Grylls

We specialise in multicamera adventure and travel formats. We will partner with our clients at every level, even facilitating the international logistics and arranging carnet documentation on their behalf. Film Store is run by experienced crew members which means that we understand the importance of getting every detail perfect. The most effective way to mitigate against risk for this style of shoot is to address it in the kit room before the shoot. For this reason, we offer our clients free prep days where we will sit with their crew and go through every detail of the shoot.