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New In: Metabones Cine Lens Adaptors E Mount to EF


The most notable improvement in these new CINE versions is the “positive-lock” lens mount, which allows you to attach an EF lens to an E mount camera without the need to turn the lens. Working instead by turning the collar on the Metabones CINE adapters, the result is a more robust connection which is particularly… Read more


Affordable Cine: the Canon CNE 18-80mm


Product photograph

Our versatile, compact servo video lens is a great value choice for documentary film makers.  Compatible with large sensor cameras, it offers a highly functional yet affordable option to a number of applications from news gathering to branded content campaigns. Canon couldn’t have developed a better product to cater to an increasingly budding market, filling the space in between news gatherers… Read more


Alexa Mini + Canon Digi Super 100xs


Using the Canon Digi Super 100xs box lenses to get extreme telephoto zoom range. Ordinarily this powerful combination is best recognised on sports footage, but as a solution for a client with a complex creative brief we suggested this little twist. The result: a bespoke kit demonstration for a music video, provided by the Film… Read more


Homemade Hi-Hats


  We’ve seen Hi-hats in all forms over the years and we don’t think there’s one that fits all circumstances. So we have gone traditional. Oconnor mounts with bases made from sustainably sourced ply. The tricky part was mounting them centrally and securely…  … Read more


Alexa Mini SUP 5 Update


Our Alexa Minis have also been updated to SUP 5, in line with the latest user improvement from ARRI.  These include extended support for EF lenses and across-the-board innovations of the new ARRI look library.  A quick overview of the changes below -full details can also be found online at ARRI.  This little video post shows the manufacturers demonstrating it in action… Read more


Why we Love our Zeiss Superspeeds


Product photograph

Way back in the early days of the Film Store, Jason made sure there was a place on the shelves for this hard-to-come-by set of Superspeeds.  Renowned for their impressive speed and the beautiful aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus areas of the images (referred to as bokeh), it’s a look that’s travelled well from that spontaneous purchase in the U.S. back to our clients… Read more