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Homemade Hi-Hats


  We’ve seen Hi-hats in all forms over the years and we don’t think there’s one that fits all circumstances. So we have gone traditional. Oconnor mounts with bases made from sustainably sourced ply. The tricky part was mounting them centrally and securely…  … Read more


GoPro Multicam Sync


Product photograph

Working on a specific brief for a client. Time-old broadcast question: How do you control and remote trigger a large number of GoPros and monitor what’s going on? Meet the synch back system in action: Not only synced remote triggering but also everything is time-coded from a central synch pulse generator via WiFi. Your cam… Read more


ARRI Amira Sup 5.0 Update


Product photograph

In keeping with the latest technology from ARRI we’ve ensured our Amiras are upgraded to the new SUP 5.0 updates.  These features answer the call for improved timecode handling, extended EF lens support and user-friendly playback adjustments.  See a full list of features from the snapshot online at ARRI. Multicam Updates ARRI Look Library Master Grip Support 1.3 Anamorphic… Read more