New In: Metabones Cine Lens Adaptors E Mount to EF


The most notable improvement in these new CINE versions is the “positive-lock” lens mount, which allows you to attach an EF lens to an E mount camera without the need to turn the lens. Working instead by turning the collar on the Metabones CINE adapters, the result is a more robust connection which is particularly useful when using heavier lenses. This is a kind of connection reminiscent of PL lenses (PL in fact stands for Positive Lock).

Also new is the status LED that indicates the mode in which the adapter currently operates. This is a nice change from previous versions that kept you in the dark as to whether you were using the product’s Green or Advanced modes.

The single button on the adapter is still there, but you now also get a switch for activating In-Body Image Stabilisation.

We have both the Speed Boosters and Standard Smart Adaptors available.