Arri WCU-4 Wireless Follow Focus

The Arri WCU-4 is a lightweight ergonomic hand unit offering 3 axis control with full lens data display and lens mapping. With multiple mounting options this is a compact and versatile system.

The ARRI WCU-4 Wireless Compact Unit is a 3-axis handheld controller featuring an integrated lens display. Control camera functions, focus, iris, and/or zoom from a distance, such as when shooting handheld or using a stabilizer, gimbal or crane. The WCU-4 is compatible with the ARRI ALEXA Mini, ALEXA Plus, and Studio cameras, and with ARRI UMC-4, SMC-1, EMC-1, and AMC-1 motor controllers. Camera functions are controllable for ARRI ALEXA Mini, Plus and Studio, and ARRI AMIRA when used with the UMC-4 motor controller.

Vibrating markers and a backlit display make it easy to use the WCU-4 in low light levels. Multiple 3/8″”-16, 1/4″”-20, and M4 mounting points enable you to attach the controller to a rig when convenient. This WCU-4 set includes the control unit, a hand strap, lanyard, and one marking disk. Use a non-permanent marker to add focus marks to the disk.

Special Features Built-in vibration motor for tactile feedback
Focus knob LED backlit rotary knob with adjustable friction, 3.0” diameter
16 bit native encoder resolution
Iris Slider Fully sealed, splash- and dust-proof slider mechanism
14 bit native encoder resolution
Zoom Knob Force sensitive knob
Ergonomic design
Display Transflective TFT LC-Display (readable in bright sunlight)
3.0 inch diagonal
Housing Durable and robust housing made of high-strength anodized aluminum
Sealed assembly with backlit display buttons and index marker
Mass Approx. 780 grams including battery
Power Supply NP-FM500H battery (Sony) or compatible batteries
BC-QM1 battery charger (Sony) or compatible chargers
Power via LCS cable through ARRI camera (cabled mode)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +45°C
Software Updates Via SD card

Arri cForce Mini RF and Aerial
Arri cForce Mini
Arri WCU-4 Monitor Bracket
Sony BC-QM1 Battery Charger
Arri Plain Focus Ring x5
Arri pre-marked Focus ring 12in
Arri pre-marked Focus ring 14in
Arri pre-marked Focus ring 20in
Arri pre-marked Focus ring 3’6”
Arri pre-marked Focus ring 8”
Arri WCU-4 Mini Gear
Arri WCU-4 Friction gear
Arri LBUS Cable x5
Arri cMotion cable CAM-D-tap
Arri cMotion Cable CAM- F55/D-tap
Arri cMotion cable CAM- EXT
Arri cMotion cable CAM-RS
Arri LBUS-LCS cable

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