Bright Tangerine Matte Box 15 Bar Mount VIV5

The versatile VIV5 mattebox from Bright Tangerine accepts filters up to 5×5 with rotating filter stages.

Viv 5” has the same great features as Viv, and is designed for the broadcast market. Its extra height allows for 5×5 filters. Designed for all situations it can be a clamp-on, rod mount, or swing-away making it uniquely flexible. Use swing-away for larger setups, then quickly switch to lightweight clamp-on mode for Steadicam or handheld. Use 3-stage if you need a lot of filters, or 2-stage to maximize field of view. Filter stages rotate through 360 degrees so you can set your ND grads in the right position, or adjust your polarizer to the perfect angle.

Remote and dusty locations aren’t a problem as dust and dirt can be easily removed without special tools. Use the French Flag mount for additional light control, or the adjustable glide rail to mount a Cinetape. With fully adjustable flags you can get the best out of your lenses by protecting them from stray light. Built from incredibly strong materials, Viv is designed for serious shoots.

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