FOMEX RollLite RL31-150 Flexi Light

Fomex RollLite is an LED lighting system that gives you a whole new level of experience. Now in a larger 3×1 size with 75w increase in lighting output.

Light Output 3100lux @1m; 2700K, 3500lux @1m; 6500K
Power Consumption 150W
CRI / TLCI CRI 96~98 / TLCI 98
Colour Temperature 2700K~6500K
Dimmer 0~100% DIM / DMX 512 / Manual
Colour Temp. Control 100K Steps
Output Connector ( Waterproof ) 6Pin × 1
Mat IP Rating IP64
Input 12-24V DC (4Pin)
DC Out 5V DC Out ( USB for WDMX )
DMX In / Out 5Pin XLR
Beam Angle 120°
LEDs 684
Battery Mounts V-Mount / Gold Mount
Mat Dimensions (ft) 3′ × 1′ ( 91 × 46cm )
Mat Weight (g)

Fomex RollLite X-mount frame
Fomex RollLite RL31C Dimmer
Fomex RollLite AC Power Adapter
Fomex RollLite RLSB 31 Softbox
Fomex RollLite 2m Extension cable
Fomex RollLite 5m Extension cable
Manfrotto Medium Lighting stand

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