The Light 1 Velvet 1×1 LED Light Panel

The most robust and advanced LED panel producing velvety soft light. Designed and certified to the IP54 rainproof standard, it is made to endure the tougher shooting conditions on any location or studio.

Incredibly soft and wraparound quality light to easily get beauty interview shots and natural portraits.With VELVET LIGHT there is no need to use correction gels, replace diffusers or tubes due to the digital variation of colour temperature and light intensity.It’s incredibly soft beam is very easy to use, produces no shadows on the actor’s faces and does not disturb their eyes. The velvety quality light wraps around the objects and actors getting beauty and natural look images.

The light evenness and power make it the right choice on lighting backgrounds and invaluable as studio or location all-purpose light.THELIGHT VELVET panels are compatible with any kind of light source and their built-in and DMX digital controls lets you adapt on the fly to the changing light conditions or desired light effect.

VELVET is more than tungsten and daylight in the same unit: you can precisely adjust colour temperature from 3000 to 6000K.

CRI 95 with no green deviation to get perfect skin tones and real colours with any HD or photo camera
Professional and consistent colour rendition
Absolutely consistent lamp to lamp to mix as many units as you wish and get exactly the same light quality and colour reproduction.

VELVET light is always ready to operate worldwide:
Using any battery from 12 to 35 VDC
With V-lock or Gold battery mount
With universal AC power 90-264 VAC

Adjustable colour temperature from 3000K to 6000K
Smooth flicker-free dimming 0 to 100 with no colour shift
Digital on-board control
The colour temperature and light intensity levels are digitally displayed and can be precisely adjusted through shock resistant buttons.

Velvet V-Lock Battery Adapter

Velvet Mains Adapter

IEC Kettle Lead

13 amp 4 way Mains extension

Velvet Light Bag

PAG Power 2 x L96e kit

Manfrotto medium (1052BAC) lighting stand

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