Miller Pro Jib | 1.2m

Compact and portable. Weighing only 25 lbs, the Pro-Jib is ideal for travelling to a location shoot or for use in the studio.

It is precision engineered to deliver smooth action, while meeting the toughest physical demands of ENG/EFP and studio production. Handling camera payloads up to 50 lbs.

Attaches quickly and easily to most conventional heads and tripods, giving it flexibility for use as a cost-effective studio crane where on-shot elevation is required, or on location where setup speed, weight and size are critical.

Fitted with Pan and Tilt drag controls and a positive lock for the Jib arm vehicle movement. The tilt lock is easily distinguished from the tilt drag by the large cone shape thrust locker located under the tilt lock knob. Rotating the drag adjusters increases or reduces the amount of drag.

Extends your camera height range to 2 meters (6-ft), allowing a single operator to achieve impressive crane perspectives.

Uses standard barbell weights plus a unique sliding tailshaft for precise counterbalance.

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