Nexto NSB-25




Developed for 2K/4K field shooters in mind!.. 

Interchangeable Bridge Memory card ModuleThe NSB-25 is an expandable backup solution, designed with the flexibility to create backup from almost every memory card, with interchangeable Bridge MemoryModules. The NSB-25 has two fixed memory card slots; one for CompactFlash(CF) card and one for SD (SecureDigital) cards.The NSB-25 with Sampler Packships with two pieces of user selectableBridge Memory Module, available forSxS, XQD, REDMAG 1.8” SSD, 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD, CFast and AJA Pak Media.

Two Removable USB3.0 drive (“Bridge Pellet”) The NSB-25 ships with two removals USB3.0 drive module (diskless/2.5″ specs). The Bridge Pellet is easily swappable with another one to expand storage space. *The Bridge Pellet modules required to add your own HDD or SSD disk).

The NSB-25 attaches to your computer via the fast USB3.0 cable. Then you can browse, edit or transfer contents of internal Bridge Pellet modules to your computer. The two removal Bridge Pellet module also features the fast USB3.0 connectivity as a stand-alone drive.

2K PlayBack & HDMI-Outplus Internal Speaker (Audio-out jack)The NSB-25 plays back 2K or preview 4K clips on 5″ Color TFT-LCD monitoror on a bigger monitor through HDMI-out interface. Featured with internal speaker and stereo audio-out jack.

Transcoding 4K Raw to H.264 with 4K S/W Upgrade Pack**The NSB-25 has video transcoding capability, converting 4K RAW, XAVC, AVC Intra videoclips to H.264 (,mov) file format. Watch the transcoded clips on 5″ TFT LCD monitor or on a bigger monitor through HDMI-out interface.**This function requires to install 4K S/W Upgrade Pack (product code: NS25-SWUP-04000, Sold Separately) and will be available to order in Q2 2015

Simultaneously Back Up to THREE drives (M Copy)With a single operation, NSB-25 can generate up to three true backup copies simultaneously (MCopy) on the two removable Bridge Pellet and one external USB 3.0 drive (or RAID), at the rate up to of 150MBps.

Comes with SXS , XQD , CF Fast SD, and CF readers as well as two bridge pellet caddies.