Schneider 138mm Full Diopter Set

Schneider Diopters are made from the finest optical glass. They feature Schneider’s hard, anti-reflective coating on both front and rear surfaces. This measurably reduces light loss and flare while helping to ensure proper colour, contrast, and overall image quality.

Close-up lens attachment that, shorten close-focusing distance of lenses by shortening the focal
length of the optical system. The higher the strength the shorter the focal length and shorter the
focusing distance. The strength is given as reciprocal of focal length in meter. That means a +1
diopter puts the focus plane to 1 m. Enables to take macro images without using a dedicated macro lens. By shorten the focal length of taking lens the magnification increases while the field of view decreases but keeping the depth of
field. Popular to reduce the close focus distance using vintage lenses especially anamorphic lenses
and zooms that do not focus as close as primes. Offers several effects for storytelling, from
miniaturizing look when put on a wide field lens with large aperture to very close distance images
taken showing little details on small objects when used with a long focal length.

20x10x20 cm Filter Size: 138mm

Lindsey Optics Brillian Diopter +1/2
Lindsey Optics Brillian Diopter +1
Lindsey Optics Brillian Diopter +2
Lindsey Optics Brillian Diopter +3

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