You vs Wild, You vs Wild Out Cold, You vs Wild Animals on the Loose

Client: Netflix
Aired: 2019, 2021, 2021
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An interactive series, you’ll make key decisions to Help Grylls survive, thrive, and complete missions in the harshest environments on Earth.

Due to the nature of these productions’ organisation is essential. The crew have additional safety considerations to contend with, so the equipment needs to be reliable and versatile.

Film Stores has tremendous experience of supplying and supporting equipment to be used in inhospitable environments. An equipment list is decided well in advance, as always look and image quality is a priority, but considerations such IP rating, focal range and serviceability are a major factors when shooting in extreme and remote environments.

With the locations being remote the equipment it usually flown or driven in advance of the shoot. As always, the equipment will be thoroughly tested, prepared, and inventoried prior to dispatch. Our flight cases ensure equipment will arrive without incident; the custom case layouts are also practical allowing a four-camera shooting kit fit on a single pallet. Again, our experience aids us in how best to pack down the package safety and what spares/additional items are likely to be required.

Since 31st January 2020 when shooting outside the Uk a Carnet or Bond will be required to transport the equipment in and out of the country. We can offer advice on this as well as providing the actual carnet/bond documents to facilitate the production.

Shot on a combination of the F55, FX9 and Gopro’s . Utilizing specialist primes and telephoto lenses as well as wireless monitoring.

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