PPU / Portable Production Unit

Film Store’s Custom built modular PPU/Flypack is a compact and expandable monitoring solution.

Set for 8 channels as standard and expandable up to 20, featuring a Ross carbonite vision mixer, an in built SPG and custom 10 channel monitor racks, when paired with Sony’s latest HDC 5500 Systems cameras it is ideal for recording or monitoring live gigs and multi cam studio shows.

  • Ross vision mixer allows for live EDL recording and full vision mixing capabilities.
  • 40×40 video hub allows for a whole variety of vision setups for all production requirements.
  • In built SPG, keeps all your cameras and equipment in time and genlocked.
  • In built recorder to record vision mix, with options to expand to also record camera channels.
  • Custom Monitoring Flight cases featuring 8x 7inch monitors and 2x 17inch monitors, for a fully HD but still compact monitoring solution.
  • Options to add Fibre channels for all cameras,
  • Full iris and paint functions available with the new Sony HDC- F5500 Super35 systems cameras.

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