Save Our Squad

Client: Disney Plus
Aired: 09 November 2022

A large-scale production spanning ten months, Films Store provided the equipment and technical crew.

David is mentoring Westward Boys, a young, grassroots team who are at the bottom of their league, facing relegation.

It’s the same league David played in as a young boy from Leytonstone. Working with the head coaches, he’ll try to turn the fortunes of Westward Boys around.

On a production on this scale a dedicated project coordinator was appointed, this allows us to meet the demands of the client with seamless continuity. This case study is a great example of how Film Store offer far more than cameras, lenses, and tripods. Obviously, assets were provided from our extensive inventory we also utilised our extensive industry connections to source any niche items.

Our technical team provided support and solutions 24/7 throughout the production. Back by our in-house logistics staff and resources can facilitate delivers and collection at short notice at any hour nationwide.

Shot on a combination of the Sony Venice, F55, FX9 and the FX3. Utilizing specialist primes and telephoto lenses as well as multicam wireless monitoring.

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